Linux MIPS


The purpose of this project is to provide a secondary tree to test and merge patches for Linux on the MIPS platform. This tree will span any device that uses MIPS from PDAs to high end SGI servers.

The CVS repository is a "staging-ground" for eventual merging into Linux-MIPS tree in CVS at maintained by Ralf Baechle, or possibly directly back to Linus' tree, depending on the nature of the diffs (MIPS specific or not).

Mailing Lists

IRC Information

There are a number of IRC channels located on the OpenProjects network related to MIPS development:

#mipslinuxRalf's channel, for discussion over Ralf's tree
#linux-mipssf's channel, for discussion over the sf tree

Here is how you get the latest code from CVS and instructions on how to build it. CVS howto

For those who like to build the latest toolchains we have a link for you. Toolchain HOWTO


As of 2001-09-07, the tree is mostly in sync with the oss tree, with these notable exceptions:

arch/mips/au1000Pretty big diff to oss.James Simmons, Pete Popov
arch/mips/cobaltOnly in sf.James Simmons
arch/mips/korvaOnly in sf.Jun Sun
arch/mips/pciSignificant diff to oss.Jun Sun
arch/mips/ps2Only in sf. Beginnings of support for the ps2 (primary port work is being done in another tree).Paul Mundt
arch/mips/vr41xxOnly in sf. Some stuff still straggling in Linux VR.Paul Mundt